It’s been a while since I posted something here. Man, how time flies when you’re shoulder-deep in undeserved trouble.

I was caught Saturday night / Sunday morning (Oct 30 / Oct 31) Skyping with my friends until 3:30 in the morning. Unluckily for me, the one time that I do it was a night where my father’s pager went off practically every other hour. Dad heard me chatting with my friends, and my mother came into my room, gave me a very condensed late-night lecture, and confiscated my laptop.

The evening after, I was on my phone with one of my Californian friends (via Skype) somewhere between 7 and 8 pm. Yes, it was a school night, and yes, it was before my usual school-night-bedtime. And, of course, Dad came upstairs to check on what I was doing, and before you know it my laptop was locked into the dock on my desk.

Monday during school, I realized that 8 could just unplug my dock from everything and my laptop can still be mobile… but of course when I got home, Dad chained the dock to my desk. I did absolutely nothing and yet my parents cracked down even harder!

Dear Parents,

Quite honestly, this is very unfair. I’m still getting very good grades, relatively, with the amount of sleep I get. Compare how social I am nowadays to yesteryear, and you’d find I’ve actually improved – I’m now using my cell phone as a phone, for crying out loud! So what if it’s through Skype, at least I’m talking with other people. I’m becoming less and less of a homebody! That should be a good thing!

And if you think that you’re trying to “nip this [habit] in the bud”, before I start college, I have heard from my Skype friends (one of which is IN COLLEGE, by the way…) that people practically thrive on little to no sleep anyways. They also said that if I feel that little sleep just won’t cut it for me, I’ll learn to stop doing so on my own, without help.

And just a little note to add… I feel as if I’ve been doing virtually every chore under the sun simply to suck up to you. And one little late-night chat feels like I practically nullified 4 or 5 years of it.

And yes, I typed all this up on my iPod. Go ahead and confiscate that too, it’s not like there’s anything I use it for in school. Sure, I use it for an agenda… but I can use school computers to do the same. And I know Dad’s keeping the keys to the Chain on his nightstand. And go ahead and take my phone, because I can still call people with it in school over Skype. Go ahead and keep me off of every other computer in the world, because I can just as easily set my laptop up to allow RDP connections from outside the home network.

tl;dr – Seriously, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime in this case. Restricting the usage of my laptop to only my room is just uncalled for.