Fixing Fatal Error 1603 when installing Google Voice and Video Chat Plug-in

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Fatal Error 1603 when installing Google Voice and Video Chat Plug-in

So I’ve seen there’s a big problem with Google’s gTalk plugin, namely installing it on Windows.  Presumably, a Win7 machine, like what I run.

This is the real cause of it, as far as I can see: permissions.

Unless you’re logged in as the system admin, the program will not have enough permission to install that plugin for you.  And this is how you fix it, of course presuming you’re running this on Windows 7.

First, fail the first time.  Get the window to show up.  Don’t dismiss it just yet, but it should show up in your taskbar.

Right click the window in the taskbar, and it should show up with the three options – “Google Update”, “Pin this program to taskbar”, and “Close window”.  Right click “Google Update” and hit Properties.

In the Compatibility tab in the window that pops up, check “Run this program as an administrator” (or make sure it’s checked).  Click OK.

Back in your browser, try to install it again.  It SHOULD work.

Note that this is not an official post by Google.  They didn’t endorse me to make this post.  I just figured it might be helpful.


Windows Live Writer

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While it may not look it, I actually downloaded and installed Windows Live Writer onto my laptop, so that I could write a blog post without having to go into the WordPress Control Panel and writing one up from there.

Unfortunately, I can’t have my laptop tell me what my post will look like in the blog.  WYSIWYG editing not quite at 100%.  Drat.