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New Goals

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I realize how late at night this posts is, but I had just finished up Chapter 1 of Surviving High School and it almost feels like a whole new set of goals just popped up for me.

Strange how a game can cause me to subconsiously set goals for myself. While I still have to figure out exactly what these goals are, I think I’ve figured out a couple.

•Up my popularity. I almost feel like one of those bottom feeder people at school.
•Find some way to get Homecoming King… or whatever that title is called. It would feel like a great accomplishment.
•Up the GPA. While I’m an A student, I almost feel as if I’m starting to drag behind a little bit.
•Improve girlfriend relationship. If every other goal fails, then at least there’d still be someone to care about, and someone who cares about me. I’d hate to be one of the people in the world who cares about nobody else.

I still have yet to open up that little blinking “Goals” button in the back of my brain to look at every little thing, but I’m figuring them out. Of course, whether or not I actually get these goals in gear is all up to my initiative and God.

Oh God, if it’s alright with you, I need your help to see the above goals through, as well as those goals I have already set, and those that sit in the back of my mind undetermined. If my life is at all like DnD in your eyes, then please roll me a high initiative… I just hate it in retrospect when I don’t get my butt in gear to do things.

The shelf fell

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I was awoken in the middle of the night by a large, long crash from underneath my room. Being on the second floor, I got my glasses and opened the door to find Mom already on the way down.

As it turns out, the shelf-on-the-wall gave and dropped its fragile pottery load onto the ground.

I almost figured our dog, deaf and sleeping in the same room, would have slept through it, but I saw him awake.

That’s good plates and mini clay sculptures now in the garbage. I don’t even know the amount of damage.

Back upstairs in my room, I can still hear them vaccuming up the possibly painful microscopic shards.

Back to bed, then.

f1rs+ p0s+

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Ok, that may be a leet failure, but it just goes to show how stupid something like that looks.

In other news, this will be the post that got the blog running.  If I get traffic with this dumb li’l post, then all the power to me.  Otherwise, what did I really expect?

Head still tender

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So this morning I put my head in the trunk to pull out my backpack, and the loose trunk door fell right on my head.

That was about 7:15 am.

Now, I can still pester the spot where the trunk door hit me in the head, and it still feels tender to touch. Ow!

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