Honestly, *I* don’t even know what is going down on my Facebook profile.  That’s my own, *personal* profile, the only one I actually have any control over, if that.  Not only that, but I can’t even understand half the things that are going on!

To keep this blog from figuring out who I am, I’m not stating ANY names.

First off, somebody posted a minute and a half video on my personal Wall practically screaming for me.  While this is the first time I know who it was, it’s not the first time.  I’ve also gotten a call where they were screaming for me, and let’s just say my phones got Caller ID after that.

For another, I saw a friend posted they were “married” to another friend.  Here’s just a hint at how this is insane: they’re both in high school.  Seriously?  “Marriage” is the new “boyfriend/girlfriend” status?  Is anybody else seeing this?

Then I have a post from a (female) friend saying they want to [Insert f-bomb here.  Trying to stay PG.] another female friend of mine.  Again, both in high school.  What is going on around here?  Does nobody even think anymore?


If anything, the only ones making any *sane* posts would be those made by adults.  I just don’t see the point of having a Facebook account if people make such insane comments like those above.  Heck, it’s almost as if I lost a couple points in IQ!  I’m serious, things are just getting very much out of hand.